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nog(apparel design and merchandising), wronggirl(humanities) and mattdork(theater arts) are your moderators. we encourage you to leave your computer once in a while and get some fresh air. go fly a kite, ride a bike or get your friends together and help clean up ocean beach.

check out these ultra awesome people who attend SFSU! to be added to this list, click here!

this is not a political forum. please refer to sfsyou if you attend SFSU and would like to discuss political and religious issues that are in no way affiliated with SFSU.

who doesn't love a good debate? especially if you win! keep in mind we would like everything to remain SFSU relevant and please, no offensive name calling. what seems like a harmless word to you could offend someone else. think before you type.

We also encourage you to share your thesis, projects, essays, speeches etc. etc. if you would like any sort of feedback. Please use the cut tag if you're posting more than one photo or if you're picture is ginormous enough to screw with the scroll bars.

here are a list of communities that may interest you. especially you're a freshman who has just moved here:


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revised on may 18th, 2004